Sword and Throne (The Ballad of Freyr)

from by Hrungnir



The son of Njord gazes upon the nine worlds from the Allfather's throne. Far into Jotunheim peers the lord Vanir, to the home of Gymir. From the doors of the great house emerges a woman, brightness gleamed from her hands and over sky and sea. All of the worlds seemed illuminated by her. Never before had he been so immersed in passion and longing. So strong was his longing that he gave up his most prized sword, so that Skirnir may travel under cover of darkness to propose for him the maiden's hand in marriage. The price of the sword lost upon the Allfather's throne will be truly known only when the sons of Muspelheim ascend upon Asgard.





Hrungnir San Diego, California

Hrungnir was conceived in the summer of 2013 by MacTaidh. Inspired by mythology, legends, battles, and the ancient heathen cultures of the past, Hrungnir seeks to create primitive atmospheric music which embodies the spirit, honor, and values of the old gods. Hrungnir was the mightiest of all giants in Norse mythology, and represented the animating forces of darkness, winter, night, and the grave. ... more

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