Fionnghuala and her three brothers gaze upon their homeland with unfathomable sorrow. They are the children of Lir, the god of the ocean, and have spent the last 900 years in torment and agony. Cursed by dark magic from their hateful step-mother Aoife, they were condemned to take the form of swans, with only the ability to speak in human tongue, and sing the most beautiful and sorrowful songs heard to man. Within the confines of their curse, they have suffered more than any mortal creature can imagine in harsh seas and lonely islands. Now they have finally returned to Sidh Fionnachaidh, their father's home. But time has passed, and the children returned to an empty field of overgrown grass where the giant palace of their father once stood proud. For the mortals of Eireann have rejected and forgotten the ancient gods, and even the memory of the gods has been distorted and lost, tainted by the jealousy and hypocrisy of a new strange god. After nearly a thousand years, the poor children of Lir return to find their father dead, their people gone, and their home a desolate ruin. So deep and unbearable is the depth of their sadness, and the beauty of their lamentations.





Hrungnir San Diego, California

Hrungnir was conceived in the summer of 2013 by MacTaidh. Inspired by mythology, legends, battles, and the ancient heathen cultures of the past, Hrungnir seeks to create primitive atmospheric music which embodies the spirit, honor, and values of the old gods. Hrungnir was the mightiest of all giants in Norse mythology, and represented the animating forces of darkness, winter, night, and the grave. ... more

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