In the great abyss Ginnungagap, silence and darkness fill the primordial void. This chasm of the cosmos rests between Niflheim, the elemental realm of ice, and Muspelheim, the elemental realm of fire. Crystals of ice and frost from Niflheim and the burning flames of Muspelheim slowly drift toward each other, and as the fire melts the ice, the first of the giants is born. His name is Ymir, and Midgard, the realm of man, is formed from his corpse when he is slain by Odin and his brothers. Life is stemmed from death, and creation is always born through destruction.





Hrungnir San Diego, California

Hrungnir was conceived in the summer of 2013 by MacTaidh. Inspired by mythology, legends, battles, and the ancient heathen cultures of the past, Hrungnir seeks to create primitive atmospheric music which embodies the spirit, honor, and values of the old gods. Hrungnir was the mightiest of all giants in Norse mythology, and represented the animating forces of darkness, winter, night, and the grave. ... more

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